Condoleezza Rice, A Freak! She Is Worse, She Is A Bitch! - By Matthias Chang (LATEST UPDATE - 18/1/09)

Condoleezza Rice, A Freak! She Is Worse, She Is A Bitch! - By Matthias Chang (LATEST UPDATE - 18/1/09)

I can anticipate that some readers will scream in horror and complain that such language should not be used to describe this Afro-American and that I should use more temperate language.

I have always called a spade, a spade and Condoleezza Rice should count herself fortunate that she has been able to avoid a direct tongue lashing from me.

She should ask Colin Powell what I did to him at a luncheon meeting at Sri Carcosa some years ago. That war criminal was justly denounced!

What really gets me mad is when the Tan Sris, Datuks and the social elites troop up unashamedly to such war criminals and entertain them as celebrities, and to be honoured with red carpet treatment. Whenever there are atrocities such as the on-going genocide in Gaza, these hypocrites would shout the loudest for justice and retribution.

I am getting ahead of myself. I would like to explain the title and the reason for writing this article.

I had not seen and or heard Norman Finkelstein speaking before but this afternoon I chanced upon a video clip of this good professor who was giving an interview on the heroic struggle of Hizbollah!

Surprise, surprise a Jew praising Hizbollah.

If only Sunni Muslims in the Middle East have the clarity of mind and vision, and the courage of this Jew, the Palestinians would have their state a long time ago. But these Sunni Muslims are all slaves to the Saudi’s filthy money!

Go to You Tube and search for: “There Will Be Another War. Hezbollah, the Honour of Lebanon” An interview with Norman Finkelstein.

The good professor stole a march on me. He called Condoleezza Rice a “freak” because only a freak like Condoleezza Rice would compare the birth pangs of a child to the destruction of an entire nation – the war in Lebanon would be the birth pangs of a new Middle East.

I hope every mother reading this article would one day lynch her on a street lamp-post. Her statement is an insult to every mother and child. Just as well she is not a mother and hopefully she will never be one.

But calling Condoleezza Rice a freak is too kind, for it implies that she may not have the presence of mind or the intellect to appreciate the folly of her statement. In the event of a war crimes hearing, she may quote Norman Finkelstein and plead the defence of insanity to avoid culpability for the genocide of the Iraqis and the Palestinians.

That is why, I prefer to use the term “Bitch”. It is most appropriate and I did so only after I had consulted the Oxford Advance Learner’s Dictionary. This authority on English states and I quote:

BITCH: n 1 female dog, fox, otter or wolf: a greyhound bitch 2 (a) (sl derog) spiteful woman: Don’t talk to me like that, you bitch!  (b) (sl) difficult problem or situation 3 (idm) son of a bitch

Bitch:  v make spiteful comments: complain or grumble: She’s always bitching about the people at work.

Bitchy: adj spiteful or bad tempered: a bitchy remark   Bitchiness n

Anyone who has watched Condoleezza Rice justifying the illegal invasion of Iraq and the war of aggression against Afghanistan and now the genocide of Gaza cannot but call her actions, bitchy and that she is always bitching about how she must bring democracy to the Middle East. And now she is bitching about how there is a need to prevent arms smuggling into Gaza. Is she therefore not a Bitch?

This bitch is now trying to save the Zionist child killers from a humiliating defeat at the hands of Hamas by proposing an agreement to halt arms smuggling as a basis of a ceasefire in Gaza!

This is the perverse logic of the bitch. Instead of calling for the complete cessation of the naked aggression by Israel and the complete withdrawal of all Zionist terrorists from Gaza as a condition precedent for peace, she touts a piece of paper bearing her signature and that of the child killer, the Zionist foreign minister Tzipi Livni as the condition precedent for the cessation of the slaughter of the innocents in Gaza.

Enough is enough!

Just as Zionist Israel with the connivance and full backing of the US, has made extra-judicial assassination of resistance leaders an official policy, on the basis that they are “killing terrorists”, so I believe that it is right that this bitch be subjected to the same policy since she is a terrorist and together with her boss, President Bush et. al have slaughtered more innocent men, women and children  than any organization or person that she has conveniently labeled as “terrorists” to justify her wanton killings.

Come January 20, 2009, she will no longer be the US Secretary of State. She will have no place to hide. It is about time she face the victims of her injustice and criminal actions.

Let her tremble!